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About Kerala

Want to be in a paradise along with your dear ones?? Then the right choice is to be in Kerala which will surprise you with the bewitchment of natural awe. Kerala is applauded for its diversified topographical features which vary from the grandiose Western Ghats with the hillock outskirts leading to the audible land with the background of boonies and bushes which lead into the majestic Arabian Sea. You can celebrate each and every second in Kerala without worrying about the past and future.

These varied geographical features make the land a real sub continent. The whimsical hill stations like Munnar, Wayanad, Vagamon, Nelliyampathy etc creates a heaven for the newly wedded couples to enjoy the beginning of their life. You can see the splendid Athirapilly waterfalls here which you could see in many films too. While considering the backwaters the main attraction is the houseboat that skims over the water like a queen. You can see A to Z luxuries inside these floating castles. The sightseeing over the deck is rich with the lush shrubs, coconut fields, tillage lands etc.

Considering the beaches, Kerala has got a boon as its one side is completely decorated with the Arabian Sea. The sizable features of these beaches are its wide and safe sandy areas. Famous beaches can be listed as Kovalam, Cherai, and Bakel etc.

Kerala has got rich culture and ethical values which is relegated from the precursors. The lifestyle of Keralites is bounded with those rituals. They treat the tourists as their guests and you will be stunned of seeing their delight. The food culture of Kerala is very noticeable and is acclaimed for its taste and flavour. Different modes of spices cardamom, pepper, cloves etc can be seen the hill areas and it influences the food culture. Kerala style fish curry is remarkable for its aroma and taste. Once in a life time everyone should taste it and will retain it as an unforgettable taste bud.

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